About Us

Carriers and shipper / forwarders hold a symbiotic relationship. Both rely upon consistency. Carriers require the consistent supply of cargo attuned to flight plans and shippers demand consistency of uplift in order that they meet the needs of the complex supply chain which spans from source to the eventual sales arena.

MidnightZulu provides light touch intervention to aid this symbiosis. Both elements must be in balance and, through deep experience and also through market insight, we are able to add great value for carriers and shippers alike; the objective is simple, full aircraft and certainty of export for perishable just in time cargo.

We are more than just a transport company

We hold offices in the United Arab Emirates and in the United Kingdom and operate within Africa, the Middle East, in Europe and in Britain. Long term experience in East Africa is essential, a region which remains loaded with opportunity whilst also facing the continual challenges of rain, temperature, drought, foreign exchange, labour, logistics, infrastructure and geo-politics. A strong understanding of the factors affecting agricultural and horticultural production together with the nuances surrounding source logistics allows us to perform above and beyond industry norms.

Fluid managerial approach is needed to calm choppy waters and to present an even-flow of year round cargo availability. Equally, the changing world logistics landscape demands continual adaptation, most recently navigated during the pandemic and throughout the Brexit process. Change is constant and an innovative and can-do approach differentiates us.