Air Freight

We lead the field in the provision of perishable air freight logistics services, predominantly from Nairobi in Kenya to Europe, to the United Kingdom and to the Middle East.

Overland Freight

Clearance and trucking is provided for cargo terminating in Europe, the United Kingdom and in the United Arab Emirates. We provide clearance and trucking services for cargo originating on our own chartered flights, and also for cargo presented from an array of other airlines.


How we can help you

Midnightzulu provides best in class solutions for the transportation of cut flowers, cut herbs, fruit, fish and prepared and prepack vegetables from source to destination, wrapped in cold chain, with slick transparent logistics and real time information updates. The perishable world moves fast, we operate at a pace at and beyond industry needs.

MidnightZulu provides end to end logistics solutions for perishable cargo originating in East Africa and European trucking solutions for global cargo.

Excellence is derived from continuous special focus.

MidnightZulu Limited provide a first class GSA service to Magma for our Kenyan exports. With excellent communication, profound market knowledge and a flexible ‘can do’ approach, MidnightZulu dependably foresee and overcome operational challenges on behalf of Magma and our customers alike. In doing so, MidnightZulu never fail to deliver high yield optimization on our behalf, time and time again, irrespective of market conditions.

Magma Aviation

Tom Wrigley

Chief Operation Officer

We greatly appreciate our partnership and in particular your responsiveness, agility, and extraordinary level of communication. We are grateful for your airfreight capacity and your performance is commendable.

Airflo B.V

Peter Kristensen

Managing Director Kenya

Midnightzulu has consistently demonstrated high agility levels in providing end to end logistics solutions throughout the disruptive period created by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are very pleased with the air-freight service provided by Midnightzulu for our perishable cargo which originates in Kenya and terminates in Europe.

Thank you & Keep it up!

DHL Global Forwarding

Imtiaz Dada

Head of Perishables Kenya

Temperature controlled transport

Aircraft run at 2-4 degrees Celsius in order that cold chain is maintained and, where needed, ACU’s are used to ensure suitable fuselage temperature.

MidnightZulu operates temperature controlled roller bed articulated trucks. Truck chilling units are engaged well before cargo is loaded in order that cold chain is maintained.